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Complete your appointment with these essential extras.

Specialty packing supplies, packing included.

Our storage rules require some items to be specially packed. You can use your own supplies or purchase them starting at just $20 each. Request specialty supplies by logging into your account on browser or iOS app.

When you buy supplies through MakeSpace:

     + We bring them to you.

     + We pack it for you.

Wardrobe box
TV box
Mirror box with wedges
Lamp box
Mattress bag with corner folded showing mattress inside

Wardrobe boxes*



Mirror boxes

Lamp boxes

Mattress bags*






Clothes + hangers must be prepped and ready for box.
TVs must be already de-mounted from the wall.
All mattresses must be stored in a bag.

Please note that supply requests within 48 hours of your appointment may not be honored, depending on product availability. Prices subject to change.

Secure disposal

We’re happy to help you discard unneeded items.



We’ll dispose of items big or small.

$25 small items that can fit in a bag, box or a tote

$75 furniture items that need one person to carry

$150 items that need two people

Paper shredder


Securely shred confidential papers, plastics.

$30 per box

Cracked phone

IT equipment disposal

From computers to phones, we can securely discard these items for you.

$30 per item

Get more info about our disposal services

Prices subject to change.

Prepping for your first pickup? Check out our protection plans!

Protection Plans

Our customers who store high value items typically add a protection plan. 

Note: You can upgrade your protection plan up to 30 days after your first pick up.


Covers 60 cents per pound

Automatically included!

Silver Protection Plan shield


Covers up to $1,000 at $15/month

Gold Protection Plan shield


Covers up to $2,000 at $20/month

Interested in these services?

Just request them with a click above or ask our team at your appointment! 

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